Welding Fabrication, Repair and Prototype Development

Nationwide Welding Fabrication, Repair and Prototype Development

Angeles Welding Solutions, based in Port Angeles, Washington provides welding fabrication, repair and prototype development.  Monte Dujue is the owner and manager and is a certified welder. He has been welding professionally since 1994.  Custom welding fabrication service covers all metals including aluminum welding fabrication, stainless steel welding fabrication and cast iron welding.

His career has included thousands of projects including: custom gates and handrails, tank fabrication and certification, security windows & doors, aluminium welding and fabrication, journeyman mechanical welder, stainless steel welding and fabrication, mobile welding services, residential construction, industrial & structural fabrication & repair, marine fabrication & repair and automotive repairs & modifications.

His company is in demand as a US Government Welding Contractor and for Mechanical Assembly Prototyping.

Custom Gates & Handrails

If you are looking for first quality custom metal gates or custom metal handrails, get in touch with Angeles Welding Solutions in Port Angeles, Washington.  They are experts that work with both steel and aluminum, providing you with your choice of metal for your application.

Get your choice of coatings, colors and other finish options for your commercial, residential, industrial or marine application.

Angeles Welding Solutions provides only the best in materials and workmanship and provides on-site installations for you, ensuring proper installation for an enduring, functional and safe result.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Got a need or an idea for a custom metal fabrication project? Angeles Welding Solutions is here for you!

You may provide your sketches, drawings, blueprints or engineered designs and the experienced staff at Angeles Welding Solutions can take your custom metal fabrication project from concept to completion.

With a wealth of experience in sub assemblies, manufacture or fabrication and multiple units production, they can fulfill your order.

Call on Angeles Welding Solutions for custom metal parts fabrication, modifications, manufacturing and assembly!

Tank Fabrication & Certification

Angeles Welding Solutions can also fabricate and certify your fuel tanks and water tanks, including stainless steel water tanks and aluminum fuel tanks.

Got a new tank and need it checked, re-checked, or tested and certified?  Angeles Welding Solutions in Port Angeles, Washington has got you covered.

If you have a tank that is in need of repair: holes, cracks or need to add brackets or such, they are your can-do place to call.  Need that plumbing modified?  No problem!

Service is provided for tanks up to 300 gallons.

Security Doors & Windows

Secure your property with security doors and security windows.  They can work from your provided design and provide you with basic and ornamental options. 

Choose aluminum or steel and your choice of coatings, paint colors and other finish options and get them expertly installed on your site.

Mechanical Assembly Prototyping

Angeles Welding Solutions is the company your are seeking to fulfill your mechanical assembly prototyping needs.

Simply provide your initial sketches, drawings or professionally engineered plans - regardless of what you have, they can work with you.

AWS will assist you with their expertise in parts and/or mechanical systems development, too.  Providing complete service including: ordering parts, processing materials and managing the complete process, you'll be able to relax.  Be at peace while AWS gets it all done for you.

They'll work with you step by step through the process until your project is completed and can provide multiple units manufacturing if you need it.  Sometimes one prototype is inadequate.

Aluminum Welding Fabrication

There is a demand for aluminum welding fabrication, but many companies don't provide this service.  AWS does!  Call on the pros at AWS for your custom aluminum gates, handrails, tanks and parts.

Both Mig aluminum welding fabrication and Tig aluminum welding fabrication are available.

Journeyman Mechanical Welder

Monte Dujue is the owner and operator of AWS, with a journeyman mechanical welder who got his start in 1995.

He will provide a basic welder, hand tools and personal protective equipment for your commercial, industrial or marine journeyman mechanical welder needs.

He has mechanical ability and is rigging experienced, working on various fabrication, moving and lifting and a machinery operator, too.

Hiring Monte requires an 8 hours daily minimum.

US Government Contractor

Angeles Welding Solutions is an approved US Government contractor.

They are listed with the Port of Port Angeles for industrial marine repairs and fabrication.  See the website page here.

Get in touch with AWS for quotes or estimates when you need a qualified US Govt Welding Contractor.

AWS has completed jobs for the US Coast Guard (USCG) and provides certified fabrication and repairs services for small businesses as an on site contractor.

Cast Iron Welding

Can AWS provide cast iron welding?  Yes, Angeles Welding Solutions can repair existing parts and also provide repairs for cast aluminum.

Stainless Steel Welding Fabrication

Count on AWS for your stainless steel welding fabrication jobs!

They can produce stainless steel fabricated:

  • customer designed parts
  • water tanks
  • marine assemblies
  • repairs

and are expert in both SMAW and TGAW welding processes.

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