Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much do You Charge?

Onsite Personnel for Staffing/Manpower dispatch no equipment- Journeyman Technician with PPE & tool bag only on site personnel $87.50 per hour 8 hour min. charge

The shop rate is $110.00 per hour for steel,aluminum and stainless.(FCAW,GMAW,SMAW,TGAW) In Shop rate only T&M

For mobile welding,repairs,and field install the charge is $150.00 per hour for steel,aluminum,stainless.(FCAW,SMAW,or GMAW)Field Weld Procedures only. 2 hour min. charge T&M

The charge for stainless and aluminum Tig (TGAW) mobile field work $175.00 per hour.(TGAW)Field Weld Procedure only. 2 hour min. charge T&M

In shop minimum charge= $40 + sales tax applicable & M

Pick Up/ Delivery

Pick Ups and Deliveries (shop to location and return)

Port Angeles- $87.50

Sequim- $125.00

Joyce- $125.00

Port Townsend- $150.00

La Push/Forks/ Neah Bay- $300.00

Seattle- $500.00

All payments due at time of service.